Monday, 26 October 2020 – 20h

Sant Pau Recinte Modernista · Sala Domènech i Montaner · See map »

30€, 60€ front row



Samuel Hasselhorn baritone

Ammiel Bushakevitz piano


*Ammiel Bushakevitz will perform in this recital instead of Malcolm Martineau, previously announced, who can’t travel to Spain due to quarantine regulations in UK. 

The first Winterreise

Of all the cycles that exist it does not seem far-fetched to say that Winterreise is the most popular of all. Not so much for their theme or musical language – which are eternal and inexhaustible – but because of the number of times it is performed in auditoriums and concert halls. Schubert’s cycle is in good health when you consider the times it sounds around the world, and that’s why it seems almost ironic that Winterreise hasn’t been made in all eight editions of LIFE Victoria. A fact that has two readings: the first, an obvious historical deficit on the part of the Festival and the second, the bet of the festival for new programs and repertoires that have no place in other circuits. In either case, there could not be an edition dedicated to travel – spiritual and physical – without a winter trip and therefore the cycle will have in this edition 2020-21 a very special weight, addressing it from various perspectives and vocal tessitura’s. This first winter journey, however, will be addressed from the classical baritone and piano perspective, with the emerging talent of Samuel Hasselhorn and the piano veteran of Malcolm Martineau, who have recently offered this program at the Musikverein in Vienna.




de Franz Schubert (1797-1828)