Tuesday, 13 October 2020 – 20h

Sant Pau Recinte Modernista · Sala Domènech i Montaner · See map »

30€, 60€ front row



Diary of One Who Disappeared

by Leoš Janáček (1854-1928)



Nicky Spence tenor

Man (Janík)

Helena Ressurreição mezzosoprano

Woman (Zefka)

Mercedes Gancedo soprano

First woman

Irene Mas Salom soprano

Second woman

Mireia Tarragó soprano

Third woman


Julius Drake piano


Road to obsession

Neither opera, nor oratory, nor simply a cycle of songs… Diary of a Missing Person is a work that is difficult to classify and that could have a simile in Stravinski’s Histoire d’un soldat. Leoš Janáček reads a series of poems of Olef Kaldi published anonymously under the name Of the Pen of a Self-taught in 1916 in the newspaper Lidové Noviny that explains the story of the young peasant Janik who obsessively and sickly falls in love with the gypsy Zdenka for which he leaves land and family. This dilemma between duty and freedom, the traditional life of agriculture and the untethered life of gypsies interested Janáček, who saw his love – also an obsessive point – reflected in a certain way by Kamila Stsslová, whom he met in a spa. The work premiered in Berno in 1921 with critical and public success to perform in the same way in Berlin, London and Paris. In the Lyceum it was not premiered until 2008 in a production of the Fura dels Baus and Jaume Plensa, in the orchestral version elaborated after the composer’s death by Ota Zitek and Vaclav Sedlacek in 1943. This work – halfway between the Lied and the opera – has not been re-performed in Barcelona to date, in this case in the original version for piano, tenor, mezzo-soprano and three-voice choir, and which will be in charge of the reputed tenor Nicky Spence and Julius Drake’s passionate and romantic vision, along with this year’s resident artist Helena Ressurreição in the role of Zefka and a heart of three sopranos Mercedes Gancedo, Irene Mas Salom and Mireia Tarragó.



the recital of ‘The diary of One Who Disappeared’

from the Sant Pau Recinte Modernista

Tuesday, October 13th  · 20h