Masterclasses David Alegret tenor

Rubén Fernández Aguirre piano


12- 14 of may 2021


Wednesday, 12th may  (Escola de Música Victoria de los Ángeles de Sant Cugat)

Thursday, 13th may (Escola de Música Victoria de los Ángeles de Sant Cugat)

Friday, 14th may (Escola de Música Victoria de los Ángeles de Sant Cugat)

Saturday, 15th may 12h: Recital Final Masterclasses (Escola de Música Victoria de los Ángeles de Sant Cugat)


*With the support of the Escola Superior de  Música de Catalunya (ESMUC)



In order to take part in the masterclasses with David Alegret, applicants must send the following materials to the e-mail address before –:

  • A recording, either MP3 or Youtube, of 2 works of different styles. The works must be Lied, Mélodie or Canción.
  • Biographies and contact information of the applicants.
  • Scanned copy of ID or passport.
  • List of the repertoire prepared for the masterclass.
  • Application fee of 40€ by bank transfer, the amount of which will be discounted from the final price for applicants who are accepted.
  • Places are limited. A maximum of 6 duos will be accepted.

Dates and schedule

To determinate


Course fee

  • Active participants: 480€ (240€ per persona which includes application fee 40€). In addition to the masterclasses, the course fee also includes access to all activities of LIFE Akademie and 1 ticket for each concert of LIFE Victoria Barcelona.
  • Non-active participants: free entrance
  • Students of the Master de Lied Victoria de los Ángeles de la Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya (ESMUC): scholarship to be a participant of the course without any cost.


Application fee (40€) must be credited before — to the account of Fundación Victoria de los Ángeles IBAN ES9521000553440200325471/ BIC CAIXESBBXXX clearly indicating the name of at least one of the members of the duo.



A minimum of 6 to 8 pieces, free choice, must be prepared, completely from memory for the singer. A copy of the score must be provided for the course professor.


Successful applicants

Those selected for the course will be informed on the –. The remaining course fee must be paid prior to the beginning of the course by bank transfer to the previously mentioned account of Fundación Victoria de los Ángeles.



For participants who are not residents of Barcelona, the Festival offers a special fee in ONA Hotels, official hotels of the LIFE Victoria.

For more infomation contact