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Born in Quebec (Canada), lutenist and guitarist Stanislaus Germain-Thérien moved to Barcelona in 2012 thanks to a grant from the Conseil des Arts du Canada to concentrate on historical plucked string instruments with Xavier Díaz-Latorre and Monica Pustilnik at the Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya.

He has participated in a number of projects in Spain, France and Canada, including concerts in Bordeaux and the recording of the album L’Orphée d’Utrecht with the French group La Chambre d’Alienor, multidisciplinary performances with the group Here be the dragon/Non plus Ultra led by English choreographer Henry Daniel in Spain and Canada, a project on Catalan Renaissance music with In Nomine directed by Sergi Casademunt, early music concerts with La Nef and Les Voix Humaines in Montreal and Quebec, and numerous operas such as L‘Incoronazione di Poppea by Monteverdi directed Alexander Wiemann, and Händel’s Giulio Cesare directed by Jean-François Rivest in Montreal.

Currently based in Barcelona, he participates in groups and is developing his own project which seeks to create the figure of a contemporary troubadour who sings, observes the world and explains stories while accompanying himself on the lute. He is an active member of the new generation of musicians as founding member of several groups of a variety of styles, such as Nuevo Mundo and Maravedí (specialists in music of the Hispanic New World), La Ferlandina (specialists in Baroque music of England and France), Eastern Chamber (exploring Occidental and Oriental music with inspired improvisations) and l’Ensemble Melquiades (investigating folklore and early music of the world).

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