The Victoria de los Angeles Foundation is open to Art of all kinds, in the same way that Victoria de los Angeles herself was sensitive not only to music, but also to literature and the arts in general. The versatility of her singular voice, her inimitable personality and the sensitivity of a person at once both beloved and discreet, these are some of the best qualities that define the talent of someone who passed through life in the manner of the opening words of the famous Mendelssohn Lied, “on the wings of song”. And song was the raison d’être for the life of Victoria de los Angeles. For her singing, she sacrificed her private life, but she knew how to sing to this life through the pen of composers from home and abroad, both famous and unknown, always with the same rigor responsibility, sensitivity and artistry. An immaculate art, that of Victoria, which garnered fervor and unanimity from the scholarly and specialized critics as much as from the devoted followers of this exceptional celebrity.

Now it is we, those responsible for launching this ship which is our foundation, we who must come up to cruising speed with this project charged with the task of perpetuating the individual and collective memory, vital human testimony, personal and artistic, of a great woman of the twentieth century: Victoria de los Ángeles López García.

Thank you for your support.

For more information: victoriadelosangeles.org